Why advertise on Radioegio

There are many reasons why you should advertise your company througn RADIO EGIO's frequency or its website.

  1. According to the latest measurements RADIO EGIO ranks first among the informational radio-stations of the Achaia prefecture.
  2. It was one of the first radio-stations in Greece to obtain its own Website on the Internet.
  3. Right proportion and distribution of radio air-time per advertisement. The projection of your enterprise won't be "lost" between excessively big advertising breaks...
  4. Ad-kits adapted depending on each company's needs separately.
  5. The lowest and most cost-effective advertisement of the market.
  6. Radio coverage of 11 Prefectures of South-Western Greece.

  Because simply talking we are the RADIO EGIO; the bigest radio station of the Achaia prefecture. The projection of your company either via our frequency, or via our on-line version, constitutes a nodal point for you in the effort for communication with your customers.


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